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Bringing Rigor to Business Development

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If you’ve spent much time in the agency world, chances are you’ve heard of Brent Hodgins. A prominent face in the industry, Brent has poured his years of experience working with big brands at an impressive list of agencies and his love for the business development process into his own firm – Mirren Business Development. Mirren specializes in training to help agencies bring more rigor to their business development process, create a more proactive prospecting approach and boost organic growth.

Leaning into its founder’s contrarian disposition, Mirren teaches agency teams how to break the rules of the prospecting and review process to stand out from the crowd. Over the years Mirren has expanded their range of training content to include positioning, pricing, differentiation and most recently upskilling account management teams to meet growing client expectations.

Brent really has his finger on the pulse of everything happening in the agency world. In this episode, we explore his take on a range of topics beyond Mirren including the impact of the pandemic and restoring your mojo, the Great Resignation and the swinging talent pendulum, confronting systemic racism, current trends in the industry and more.

For more insights on organic growth and new business processes, visit Mirren’s website and check out all of the live and on-demand training available via MirrenDirect.

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