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Blamer Partnership

Blamer Partnership was established to exclusively help clients find new agencies or optimize their current agency relationships by installing a compensation program that fosters accountability.

We do this by offering two unique products:

  • Accountability Agency Review
  • Quality+Efficiency Audit

Our approach is very different than what you will find with most review and compensation consultants and is based on five fundamental principles:

  1. Zero-Based Agency Profits
  2. Strong Incentive Agency Compensation
  3. Compensation Based on Output
  4. Detailed and Monitored Scope of Work
  5. Finding and Validating the Best Strategic and Creative Talent

Selecting or retaining the right agency to meet specific client needs is not a short-term process. It is not a beauty pageant or a snapshot in time. It is a thorough, ongoing process based on sustaining a clear-cut understanding of the client’s workload as well as clarifying how success is defined and rewarded.

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