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Observatory International

The Observatory International is the leading global management consultancy dedicated to helping companies maximise their marketing and communications resources.

Our consultants have been working with leading marketers across Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia for decades.

So with over 25 years’ experience working with many of the world’s leading brands and agencies our casebook is full of best practices on how to get the most out of your marketing resources.

Today more than ever, marketers need to drive greater efficiencies and demonstrate both tangible improvements in marketing ROI and a strategic contribution to business growth.

The Observatory International offers support at every stage of planning, procurement, resource allocation, agency selection and relationship management.

You’ll work with senior consultants who understand the challenges and the concerns of all stakeholders – Marketing, Sales, Finance, Procurement and communications agencies.

What you’ll get is clear objective advice backed up by proprietary data and expert analysis – and reliable, quantifiable processes that continue to add value well into the future.

The Observatory International brings global and local perspectives to marketers along with the knowledge required to overcome the challenges associated with managing communications agencies.

We have offices in London, Paris, Hamburg, Warsaw, Zurich, Johannesburg, Dubai, Singapore and Tokyo.

The Observatory International is recognised by the Management Consultancies’ Association. Our commitment to quality and professionalism strongly echoes the MCA’s principles and Code of Practice and gives our clients further reassurance that they are engaging the only MCA-recognised global consultancy in our field.

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