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Search Consultant

Avidan Strategies LLC

Avidan Strategies mission is to aid marketers improve agency partnerships, including upgrading the terms of financial arrangements, manage agency search, advise on proper scope of work and develop best practices.

How are we different?

  • Our agency selection process emphasizes workshops and interactive meetings over a traditional pitch approach.
  • Avidan Strategies is the only search consultant managed by partners who actually ran leading agencies.
  • Our partners have both agency and advertiser experience.
  • We do not delegate managing a search to less experienced staffers.
  • All engagements are led only by senior partners.
  • We do not accept a fee from agencies before or after the review, either directly or indirectly. We do not solicit agencies, and do not engage in the practice of “pay to play.”
  • We have a proprietary library of over 2000 agencies that helps us keep track of their rosters, personnel, size and competencies.
  • We adhere to the 4A’s and ANA’s “Rules of The Road” guidelines, which codified the relationships between search consultants and agencies.
  • Avi Dan is a well-known blogger for FORBES about advertising business trends and the agency scene.
  • Our partners have been invited to serve as an Effie awards judge continuously for the past 15 years.

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