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We give expert firms the strategy, technology, and habits they need to take control of their future by owning their marketing.

Your firm’s future is dictated by the clients you accept. If you are like most firms, you will find your next client through the mostly passive means of word of mouth and referrals. We exist to help smart firms that are sick of that downward spiral create a completely different future for themselves.

If you are a knowledge-based firm, your most powerful marketing asset is your expertise. For you, marketing is the act of taking control of your firm’s future by leveraging your expertise to build relationships at scale with your highest value, right-fit prospects.

How We Help
Our Digital Marketing Program is a 15-month experience that creates the strategy, technology, and habits required to transform your marketing from something you feel guilty about to a critical life force that is constantly fueling your firm’s growth.

Lasting change of this magnitude does not come easily. During our first year together, a team of seven dedicated Newfangled category experts work with you, week in and week out, to (re)create your entire marketing infrastructure.

How it Works
In our first three months together, we’re creating your strategic and technological marketing system. In months 4-15, we’re engaged together in a continual weekly process of executing, exactly measuring, and refining every aspect of your digital marketing program.

We are constantly and specifically measuring the success of your efforts based on which prospects are responding, where they’re coming from, and what is driving them to take action.

By the end of our first 15-months together, you will have a state of the art marketing system in place you have complete command of, confidence in your ability to regularly express your expertise in a way that motivates your top prospects to take action, and the ability to point to a landscape of hard, tangible results that have served as your teachers and guideposts along the way.

Most firms choose to work with us on a yearly basis after our first 15-months, and we custom build those programs based on where they’re seeing undeniable value in our work.

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