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Dan Plachta

Engagement Manager

Plachta has been working with The Bedford Group since 2008. His specialties are in project management, consumer research and digital media as he remains at the forefront of emerging trends, particularly in the interactive and social spaces.

Plachta leads the Engagement Management discipline and is our colleague most clients request to be assigned to their business. The reasons: he is all over the details, schedules and business information needed by both sets of stakeholders, client and agency. He has also developed a reputation for never allowing a date to be missed.

His skill at logistics have made him an invaluable member of The Bedford Group team because of the number of client/agency contacts he coordinates, as well as the amount of information he transfers from one entity to another. He builds partnerships along the way so that the transfer from agency to client is a smooth transition without items being “lost in the cracks”.

Plachta graduated with a BA in Communications from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His previous experience includes working in the corporate marketing department of a leading financial services company where he focused on the retail side of the business, particularly recruiting and training.

He moved to Atlanta to join The Bedford Group to lend his skill set in agency relations, knowledge of the agency landscape and expertise in digital marketing.

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